Injury Compensation On the Rise Because of Smart Phones?

There is an upward trend in the number of people awarded injury compensation for injuries at work, in car accident or from a slip and fall in a public place. As our planet earth becomes more densely populated, we are seeing a rise in injuries due to accidents. Not only that but modernusing mobile phone while driving can cause road accidents technology has presented a number of hand-held gadgets such as the iPhone and in car navigation systems. These items can be a major distraction for drivers and these too are causing catastrophe on our roads and at work. People are losing their focus on their driving and their work due to things like social media and increased communications.

Injuries may come about due to a number of different reasons and can occur anywhere. When an injury has been sustained the questions rise as to who is to blame. In most cases of injuries sustained on the road or at work there is an insurance company involved. Even if there is no insurance in place, you may still be entitled to injury compensation. Negligence doesn’t need to have played a part. If negligence is apparent, whichever party is negligent whether that be partially or fully, the insurance company of that party may need to award compensation. To find out your compensation entitlements call 1800 245 100.

Injury compensation is not that simple and insurance companies are reluctantly paying out injury compensation to people. They may try to minimise payouts wherever possible as this is in their own better interest.

In the cases of serious injuries that are long-term a person might be looking at many more years of expenses and continue to suffer losses because of an injury. Past, present and future losses and foreseeable expenses should be taken into account when injury compensation is awarded. However, insurance companies often don’t consider the future and focus on the expenses to date. They may offer a lump sum payment,

but is this what is going to support you for the rest of your life? – Most probably not. Insurance companies can be difficult to deal with and at this point it is important to get the full compensation in which you are legally entitled. This is when it is very wise to contact an injury advice line.

What you don’t know might hurt you even more!

An independent injury advice line will assess your claim and tell you what you are entitled to receive. If you have a good claim they will connect you with a no-win-no-fee lawyer or accident injury attorney who may take it on a no-win-no-fee basis. No-win-no-fee usually means fees are only payable at the end of the claim and only if the claim is successful. In some States in Australia, legal fees are also covered by the insurance company involved. However, do be wary of no-win-no-fee arrangements as these can vary considerable between lawyers and law firms.

A no-win-no-fee lawyer will assess the monetary worth of an injury compensation claim and won’t take it on unless they know it will be successful.

The injury compensation you will get will vary according to the type of injuries you have sustained. Every injury compensation claim is unique and needs to be assessed on it’s own merit. The individual details of each case will play a critical role in assessing the monetary worth of the claim.

An injury advice line will be able to answer all your questions and connect you with an accident injury attorney. It is extremely important to discuss your injury compensation with either an injury advice line or an accident injury attorney before you agree to accept any award of injury compensation. If you accept this may end any future rights to claim. Advice must be sought first in order for you to retain your rights.