Five good reasons to make a claim for injury compensation

When it comes to injury compensation, there may come a time when you second guess if you are doing the right thing. This article aims to Injury Advice Line Scales for justiceexplore some of the real reasons why injury compensation it the right path to take.

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Suffering an injury can have catastrophic consequences for you, your family and friends. Your life may have been turned upside down. As well as for financial reasons there are other good reasons why injury compensation is recommended.

1.      Considering the future

A decrease in income affects a household a great deal. If a lump sum is awarded this may cover lost income or ‘economic losses’ for the future. When you actually think about the future and consider losses you will also realise there are foreseeable future expenses.

The purpose of injury compensation is to reimburse a person for all expenses and losses. Injury compensation aims to put you back in the same financial position prior to the accident. This is

what you would have received over the course of time. If you get a lump sum, know that it is what you would have got before your accident.

2.      Self worth

When a person is unwilling to pursue injury compensation there are soul searching questions to be asked. These might include;

  • How would getting a lump sum payment make you feel?
  • You have suffered a serious injury that will affect your life, it wasn’t your fault and you don’t want to accept a lump sum that legally belongs to you. Why not?
  • Do you realise

    this is the compensation you deserve?

  • This is your money. What are you are you concerned about?
  • If the same thing had happened to your best friend what advice would you give them?
  • Do you worry people will judge you if you receive injury compensation?

Some people think they are not good enough to win injury compensation. Compensation is not a lottery win. Compensation is not a prize. Compensation is a lump sum that takes into account your future losses and expenses because of your injuries. This is money that would’ve been in your pocket anyway and is rightfully yours.

3.      Justice

When an injury could have been prevented or avoided if someone had taken better care it’s devastating. Negligence can leave you with feelings of anger, frustration and it is known to cause depression. Being compensated can offer a sense of justice. You may not get your physical health back to its original state but at least your case has been recognised and you have been recognised as a victim of negligence. Employers and other drivers have a duty of care to act and drive safely!

4.      To help others in your position

Through obtaining compensation you can prevent further events from occurring. Do you want what happened to you happen to someone else? The answer is most likely ‘no’. By taking a stand, people might become better people. People might think twice before driving badly. An employer might treat his staff better or take more responsibility. The fact that you are making a claim means you are taking a stand. The fact you are taking a stand means you might be making the world a better place.

5.      Letting go of the past

Receiving injury compensation can help you move forward with your life. You may be able to move into a more suitable home or car that fits your needs. In addition to that you can close the book and move on with your life. Accepting what has happened and letting the past go can be beneficial in many ways. Switching the focus on what you have as opposed to what you don’t have can be a more positive approach.