Are some personal injury accidents just waiting to happen

accidents waiting to happenAccidents can occur in all types of situations with road accidents being the most obvious. Work accidents are also very common with blue collar manual workers most at risk.

Some accidents however, can be very random such as a slip, trip or fall in a public place and some accidents are even more random. Recently in the UK, a four year old boy was crushed to death when a heavy mirror fell on him in designer shop Hugo Boss. Despite health and safety systems being in place the mirror wasn’t fixed to the wall. The young boy underwent surgery to relieve the pressure on his brain but sadly, the boy died a few days later. Mainstream media has described this type of incident as an ‘accident waiting to happen’. The mirror was large and heavy and unsecured. The accident should never

have happened as the mirror should’ve been secured properly to a wall.

In another incident involving 80s pop star Rick Springfield, best known for hit song ‘Jessie’s Girl’, a lady claims

that she was struck by by the Stars rear end causing her to fall during a performance. The fall resulted in serious disabling and permanent injury. The complaint stated that Springfield was careless and negligent during his performance jumping on chairs and with wet weather and his conduct posed a threat of harm. However, later the case was thrown out as the jury were found in favour of the defendant Springfield and he wasn’t liable for any damages. It appears there wasn’t enough evidence, or witnesses and the plaintiff was unable to provide prove of lasting injuries. The plaintiff had attended another concert a few weeks after the incident, which didn’t help her case. Even though the case was thrown out was Springfield or other artists being careless when they jump of the stage and into the audience. Was that an accident waiting to happen?

Personal injury laws vary all over the world and in Australia the law varies between States and Territories. A personal injury lawyer will need to specialise in sildenafil citrate tablets 150 mg the State law in which the accident or injury too place. When an accident or injury occurs it is always wise to seek the right advice. An injury advice line can assist with free information and a free case review.

It is sad but true some accidents are waiting to happen when there is a lack of a duty of care on the road at work or generally around us. As individuals, workers, drivers and employers we can work together in taking more responsibility for a safer environment by being more careful and more aware ourselves.