Injury Compensation

Why make a claim?Injury compensation

Injury compensation is available to victims of injury. If your injury has resulted in extra bills or a loss of income you may be entitled to full reimbursement of these losses. If an injury has affected your ability to sustain your usual income and way of life, it is very important to seek specialist advice. Call the Injury Advice Line today on 1800 245 100 to arrange the right advice. We are an independent organisation and will arrange free legal advice if necessary.

Permanent injuries are for life. A permanent injury may affect your ability to earn the same income in the future. There may also be future related expenses to consider. Injury compensation may include these future economic losses and the payout may assist you now and in years to come. You may also be awarded for your pain and suffering.

Why seek claims advice?

Insurance companies can be difficult to deal with and often try to minimise payouts. Injury advice line. Find out where you standIt is important to get independent information whether you have had an accident at work, on the road or in a public place. When you have suffered an injury you may be entitled to injury compensation regardless of who is at fault. Your rights to injury compensation will much depend on where and why your injury happened. There are different laws under individual States and Territories across Australia. If you suffered an injury as a result of another persons’ negligence you may have injury compensation entitlements beyond a statutory level. To find out your rights you can contact our helpline on 1800 245 100. Every case is different and needs to be reviewed independently. The Injury Advice Line offer free information and will arrange a free consultation with an accident injury attorney if required. An accident injury attorney will use their own a compensation calculator based on the facts surrounding your injury compensation claim.

What can you claim?Injury advice Line. Be informed and get connected.

What you can claim whether it be a work injury or a car accident, will depend on the circumstances of your injury. For example; where it happened, why it happened, what type of injuries were sustained and who was to blame. Typical injury compensation items to claim (statutory) include; salary or wages, hospital expenses, medical expenses, rehabilitation expenses, travel expenses, and other injury related expenses incurred. Where there has been negligence, an accident injury attorney will review the facts and present you with legal options to consider one of which may include a common law claim.

Be cautious when signing

Never accept an offer of injury compensation unless you have received independent advice or advice from an accident injury attorney. A standard offer of injury compensation may only be part of what you are entitled to. By signing and accepting an award of compensation in the form of a lump sum payment you may be signing away your rights. Call an independent helpline first on 1800 245 100 and find out where you stand today. We will arrange free legal advice with the right legal specialist if required.