Injury Compensation Helpline

Injury Compensation accident injury attorneyDo you have an injury compensation claim? It is important to speak to the right people before processing or accepting an offer of injury compensation. Once an offer of accident injury compensation is accepted you may lose all future rights to compensation.

The Australian Injury Helpline, offer a free injury compensation information service and will put you in touch with an accident injury attorney if required. Compensation claims can be complex and you need to be aware of your legal entitlements based upon the facts surrounding your case. Contact the Australian injury Helpline by calling 1800 245 100 today.

If there has been negligence involved it is wise to get some accident advice. It is not up to you the injured person to ascertain if there has been negligence. Whilst is some cases it is fairly obvious, other situations can only be determined by a legal professional. You may not even be aware of negligence and every case will need to be individually reviewed.

By contacting the Australian Injury Helpline you will get a free case review, find out where you stand and if you will benefit by discussing your accident injury with an accident injury attorney. Call the injury advice line on 1800 245 100.