Work Compensation QLD Legislation Changes

workinjuriesThere are important changes in QLD Legislation regarding work compensation entitlements.

On September 17th 2015 a new bill was passed by the Queensland Government called the Workers’ Compensation and Rehabilitation And Other Legislation Bill 2015. But what does the new bill mean for working Queenslanders?

In a nut shell it means the 5% threshold that was previously applied to common law claims from 1% has now gone back to 1%. The new legislation applies to injuries from 31st January 2015.

Under the old legislation an injury had to be greater than a 5% degree of impairment in order to pursue a common law claim. The changes prevented a number of workers from making a common law or damages claim. This has now been repealed and the threshold is back to 1%.

Workers who have been injured between 15th October 2013 and 31st January continue to be affected by the 5% threshold. If you need free advice on your work compensation claim call 1800 245 100 today.

Get advice before accepting a lump sum payment

The new Act also includes a reparation scheme providing additional compensation to workers who fall below the threshold and are affected by the Newman legislation changes. Additional compensation is only available to injured workers who have not previously accepted a lump sum. It is essential if you have a claim and were injured in the period 15th October to 30th January 2015 and you have not received a lump sum offer, you seek legal advice and not accept any offer until you have sought advice.

If you have been offered a lump sum you must seek legal advice before accepting any offer as you may sign away future rights to compensation. For more information call 1800 245 100 for free advice and a free case review.

Up to 3 x Lump Sum

The reparation scheme is a fault based scheme so the employer must be deemed negligent. If the employer accepts liability the injured worker may be entitled to the base level statutory lump sum plus a multiple of two which is three times the lump sum offer.

If the employer does not admit liability they must advise the lawyer that additional information is required and if in those circumstances the employer agrees to pay the additional lump sum, it may also have to cover legal costs.

Information on this web page is general. To obtain legal advice from an accident injury attorney call 1800 245 100.

Are some personal injury accidents just waiting to happen

accidents waiting to happenAccidents can occur in all types of situations with road accidents being the most obvious. Work accidents are also very common with blue collar manual workers most at risk.

Some accidents however, can be very random such as a slip, trip or fall in a public place and some accidents are even more random. Recently in the UK, a four year old boy was crushed to death when a heavy mirror fell on him in designer shop Hugo Boss. Despite health and safety systems being in place the mirror wasn’t fixed to the wall. The young boy underwent surgery to relieve the pressure on his brain but sadly, the boy died a few days later. Mainstream media has described this type of incident as an ‘accident waiting to happen’. The mirror was large and heavy and unsecured. The accident should never

have happened as the mirror should’ve been secured properly to a wall.

In another incident involving 80s pop star Rick Springfield, best known for hit song ‘Jessie’s Girl’, a lady claims

that she was struck by by the Stars rear end causing her to fall during a performance. The fall resulted in serious disabling and permanent injury. The complaint stated that Springfield was careless and negligent during his performance jumping on chairs and with wet weather and his conduct posed a threat of harm. However, later the case was thrown out as the jury were found in favour of the defendant Springfield and he wasn’t liable for any damages. It appears there wasn’t enough evidence, or witnesses and the plaintiff was unable to provide prove of lasting injuries. The plaintiff had attended another concert a few weeks after the incident, which didn’t help her case. Even though the case was thrown out was Springfield or other artists being careless when they jump of the stage and into the audience. Was that an accident waiting to happen?

Personal injury laws vary all over the world and in Australia the law varies between States and Territories. A personal injury lawyer will need to specialise in sildenafil citrate tablets 150 mg the State law in which the accident or injury too place. When an accident or injury occurs it is always wise to seek the right advice. An injury advice line can assist with free information and a free case review.

It is sad but true some accidents are waiting to happen when there is a lack of a duty of care on the road at work or generally around us. As individuals, workers, drivers and employers we can work together in taking more responsibility for a safer environment by being more careful and more aware ourselves.

Obtain the injury compensation you deserve – call an injury advice line, connecting you with a no win no fee accident injury attorney

Have you suffered an injury as a passenger in a car or a work injury? Don’t leave yourself in the lurch just because you want to avoid the stress and not make a fuss. Making a claim for compensation doesn’t need to be stressful. Help is at hand and all you need to do is ask for it. The Injury Advice Line can be contacted on 1800 245 100

and are waiting to help you through the process. Not asking for it could leave you with a lot of financial stress and this can occur in a number of ways such as;-

• A reduction or a loss of income i.e. salary or wages
• Expenses relating to your injury
• Rehabilitation expenses
• Wheelchairs and / or other equipment
• Prescriptions and other medical costs
• Travel to and from medical appointments
• Home help or in home care
• Vehicle or home modifications

When you have suffered injuries you need to be objective. Being objective will allow you to be sensible and make informed decisions. The entire process can begin with contacting an injury advice line. An injury advice line will arrange a free case review, send out forms and any other information that may be helpful to you. An injury advice line is independent. They are not lawyers and speak in terms you can understand. They will also tell you up front what you need to and what not to do.

Compensation calculator whiplash

If it turns out you will benefit most by engaging the services of buy brand levitra us an accident injury attorney then an injury advice line will set up a free case review and you will be advised of your legal options.

Suffering an injury

can turn your life upside down. Be objective think about yourself and your family and your future.

The size of your injury compensation claim will depend on the following;-

• The severity of your injury
• Where your injury took place
• Who was to blame
• How the injury has impacted your life

All your expenses and losses should be reimbursed and the purpose of compensation is to put you back in the same financial position you were in before you were injured. If an injury has stopped you from working then you may be awarded for a loss of future income.

After an injury is not a good time to have pride. It is important to look after yourself as much as possible at this critical time so you can make the best recovery possible by receiving the right support.   The Injury Advice Line are there to help you get your life back on track as best as we can and are waiting to take your phone call on 1800 245 100.

7 Good Reasons to call the Injury Advice Line instead of an Accident Injury Attorney

Reason 1:    Independent adviceaccident injury attorney for compensation road injuries

The Injury advice line provides independent advice for the people, who are not lawyers or a lawfirm. Friendly empathic staff members are able to speak with you in layman terms to assist you with all of

your inquiries. The injury advice line are able to give you honest unbiased advice for a number of circumstances, which include road injuries, work accidents and a slip trip or fall in public place. It is a good idea to seek independent advice early on following your accident so you take the appropriate steps towards making sure you get everything to which you are entitled.

Reason 2:    Free information

Information will be provided about any inquiries that you may have about a recent accident, an old injury and or your injury compensation questions. An injury advice line will also provide a step by step guide on an injury claims process, something mostaccident injury attorneys will charge for.

Reason 3:    Free forms

As well as free legal advice the injury advice line can provide you with free claim forms for motor vehicle accidents. Having the

correct forms and independent advice will help to relieve some of the pain knowing that you are heading in the right direction.

Reason 5:    To obtain a free case review

A case review of your accident or injury is useful to help you find out where you stand, what your legal options are in this situation. Also just how much injury compensation you may be rightfully entitled to.

Reason 6:    To be connected with a recommended Accident Injury lawyer

Unlike an accident injury attorney, the injury advice line provides you with all the right information before connecting you with a suitable accident injury lawyer. The accident injury lawyers we work with offer free legal advice and take injury compensation cases on a no win no fee basis.

Reason 7:    To get the injury compensation you deserve

A lawyer who has been recommended by the injury advice line will fight for everything to which you are rightfully entitled to and help to ease some of the financial burden that comes with having an accident on the road or sustaining an injury at work. Obtaining compensation is not always easy. Insurance companies are not exactly forth coming when it comes to paying out claims. Through

engaging an accident injury attorney there is a good chance you will obtain your full entitlements. Dealing directly with an insurance company can prove to

be a difficult task when

you don’t know your rights.

Injury compensation awarded for bad drivers as well as good – is it questionable?

bad-driver-2Why should bad drivers receive money if they have driven badly? It’s a good question and ones that many people ask. The fact is the laws across Australia vary between State and Territories.

In some parts of Australia you can claim regardless of whose fault it was, even if it was yours. In other parts of Australia it’s tough to make a compensation claim if you are in the wrong.

The point is if you have been involved in an accident as a bad driver, who is going to pay your wages while you are in hospital? Who is going to pay for the shopping and other bills? Just because someone has been negligent, does not mean they should pay for it in ways that are punishable.

Fault-based and non-fault based

There are fault-based and non-fault based accident injury schemes across Australia. A fault-based scheme means you may be able to claim injury compensation if someone else was to blame for the accident.  In the case of a non-fault based scheme means you may be entitled to injury compensation regardless of who is at fault.

In many cases, if you were partly to blame you may still be compensated. For example, your injury compensation amount may be reduced by 30% if your share of the blame is 30%.
How do you know if you qualify for injury compensation?

The best way to find out your entitlements and rights under the specific laws in your State is to speak to an Accident injury helpline. They are independent not lawyers and can help you in acheter viagra many ways. Firstly, they will provide all the information and forms you will need and make recommendations on what next.

Would you cialis generique need to hire an accident injury attorney or lawyer?

If you speak to an injury helpline and they believe you require legal advice they will put you in touh with legal specialists i.e. an accident injury attorney who are recommended and specialised in your type of accident claim. The accident injury attorneys they choose to work with provide free legal advice and will present you with your legal options.

Knowing everyone deserves to be compensated

It is important to remember your worth when making a claim for injury compensation. This money awarded to you aims to reimburse you for.

Why do accident injury attorneys need to be involved following a road accident or work accident?

There are some very good reasons to speak to an accident injury attorneyand the number one reason is for injury advice to find out your rights and know where you stand.

An accident and the injuries suffered may impact a persons’ life in more ways than we realise. Expenses and losses resulting from workplace injuries or road accidents cam continue through their life.

The thought of claiming injury compensation might be a feeling of dread but you don’t have to deal with it alone by yourself. There is no need to rely on your own negotiation skills in order to obtain a sufficient payout. You can contact an injury advice line such as the Australian Injury Helpline who will assist you in many ways. You might receive assistance with forms, information or have your case referred to an accident injury attorney who will discuss legal options with you.

Knowing you deserve to be compensated

Suffering an accident can affect a persons’ self-esteem and they may not think they are worthy of a large injury compensation payout. It’s extremely important to realise your worth in this situation. No person should ever have to suffer pain because of someone else. We all have a duty of care to each other and if accidents happen there are consequences. Allowing yourself to receive compensation is one step towards the future. This is money you are owed under the law. The concept of compensation is to put a person back in the same financial position as before the accident took place.

What if you don’t make a claim?

Making a claim for injury compensation is your choice. If you are unsure talk to an injury advice line. That is what they are there for.  If you should not to lodge a claim you might find medical expenses or costs relating to rehabilitation a little too much in the future and this is a risk that should not be avoided. Many people refer to injury compensation as their ‘recovery fund’. Injury compensation will assist you on the road to wellness and you will need it today and in the future to support you and your injuries.

An accident injury lawyer might make all the difference

An accident injury lawyer will schedule a list of everything you are claiming and prepare your claim with supporting documents. They will arrange all the necessary

medical check-ups and make sure you see the right specialists who are neutral and fair assessors.

An accident injury lawyer working on a ‘no win no fee’ basis will negotiate and settle the best possible compensation award and only change legal fees when your claim for compensation is won and has been received.

Claiming Injury Compensation? What are you afraid of?

The thought of claiming Injury Compensation can

be a very scary thought for some.  There is generally a lot of fear based around this process as it can have a massive effect on someone’s life.  The thought of your integrity being questioned as to the validity of your injuries alone can cause much grief. Call 1800 245 100 to arrange free advice today.

If your injury occurred at work the fear is doubled as the thought of

rejection and being the subject of negative talk in the workplace can be too much to bear.  If you find yourself in this situation you need to think ahead into the future and realize the possible repercussions of not addressing the injury immediately.  At the time it may not be so serious but over time what seems like a minor injury can turn into something much more.

What if you don’t make a claim?

I have no doubt there are people who have suffered an injury and have not made an injury compensation claim and find themselves suffering some years later due to the fact that it was left untreated.  By this time there is generally no basis to claim because there is no incident report to fall back on.

Imagine if over time the injury worsened to the point where you could no longer work, who will pay your rent or take care of your family?  This situation can be much scarier than going through the claims process at the time of the injury and securing yours and your family’s future right there and then.

The absolute first thing you should do if you suffer a work injury or motor accident injury is to report it to your employer and see a doctor immediately. This process at least gives you the option of pursuing a claim if you feel it is necessary.

There is help available to take you through the process

If you are struggling financially, don’t let this put you off making an injury compensation claim because there is a lot of free help out there to guide you through the process.  The Injury Advice Line for example is a free service that can offer help in all areas of injury compensation. The Injury Advice Line can arrange a free case review with a lawyer to determine your rights to make a claim.

With help like this available there is no reason why you would not find out exactly where you stand.

Contact the Injury Advice Line today on 1800 245 100 for independent support today.

Injury compensation payouts depends very much on what you know

Injury compensation claims vary considerably between States and Territories. Receiving a payout is an opportunity to not only recoup out of pocket expenses, but also to be sufficiently awarded for your pain and suffering. Financial aid aside, you may find it settling to know that in the long run, you have received compensation that you had full rights to.

What people do not realise, is that help is at hand by contacting an injury advice line. One call can make a huge difference to the outcome of an injury compensation claim. Taking on the burden of researching and handling your claim by yourself can be extremely stressful, making an already difficult situation harder than it needs to be. For further information and advice call 1300 188 784.

Knowledge is key

Many people say knowledge is power and quite often this is the case when it comes to injury compensation claims. Dealing with an insurance company directly means it’s just you alone dealing directly with the person making the decision as to what compensation you will be awarded. Working in conjunction with an accident injury attorney allows you much more bargaining power and credibility when dealing with an insurance firm.

There are many people who in their lack of knowledge, just take what’s offered to them. They are completely unaware if it

is a good offer of compensation or not. They may believe it is the only payout they will be offered. They may not even know they can contest it or ask for more. This is not necessarily the case. Generally insurance companies will offer the bare minimum pay out figures when dealing with an individual. An accident injury attorney can advise you if a payout includes everything to which you are entitled to under the law.

Why settle for second best?

When dealing with the stress of an injury, you may find yourself inclined to simply settle for the first offer given to you. Working your way through an injury can be a very difficult time, and it’s natural to want to get things over and done with so you can move on with your life. However, it is imperative that you take the time to consult with an accident injury lawyer. Not only will they alleviate you of the stress that you’re trying to avoid in the first place, but they will fight for the best possible settlement for your injury.

Many people miss out on thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in compensation by taking on their accident injury claim alone. Taking the time to call an injury advice line will save you stress, maximising your claim result through knowledge you will find nowhere else. Call Injury Advice Line today on 1300 188 794 to find out more!

Five good reasons to make a claim for injury compensation

When it comes to injury compensation, there may come a time when you second guess if you are doing the right thing. This article aims to Injury Advice Line Scales for justiceexplore some of the real reasons why injury compensation it the right path to take.

If you wish to discuss your accident with an independent organisation you can call 1800 245 100 services are free.

Suffering an injury can have catastrophic consequences for you, your family and friends. Your life may have been turned upside down. As well as for financial reasons there are other good reasons why injury compensation is recommended.

1.      Considering the future

A decrease in income affects a household a great deal. If a lump sum is awarded this may cover lost income or ‘economic losses’ for the future. When you actually think about the future and consider losses you will also realise there are foreseeable future expenses.

The purpose of injury compensation is to reimburse a person for all expenses and losses. Injury compensation aims to put you back in the same financial position prior to the accident. This is

what you would have received over the course of time. If you get a lump sum, know that it is what you would have got before your accident.

2.      Self worth

When a person is unwilling to pursue injury compensation there are soul searching questions to be asked. These might include;

  • How would getting a lump sum payment make you feel?
  • You have suffered a serious injury that will affect your life, it wasn’t your fault and you don’t want to accept a lump sum that legally belongs to you. Why not?
  • Do you realise

    this is the compensation you deserve?

  • This is your money. What are you are you concerned about?
  • If the same thing had happened to your best friend what advice would you give them?
  • Do you worry people will judge you if you receive injury compensation?

Some people think they are not good enough to win injury compensation. Compensation is not a lottery win. Compensation is not a prize. Compensation is a lump sum that takes into account your future losses and expenses because of your injuries. This is money that would’ve been in your pocket anyway and is rightfully yours.

3.      Justice

When an injury could have been prevented or avoided if someone had taken better care it’s devastating. Negligence can leave you with feelings of anger, frustration and it is known to cause depression. Being compensated can offer a sense of justice. You may not get your physical health back to its original state but at least your case has been recognised and you have been recognised as a victim of negligence. Employers and other drivers have a duty of care to act and drive safely!

4.      To help others in your position

Through obtaining compensation you can prevent further events from occurring. Do you want what happened to you happen to someone else? The answer is most likely ‘no’. By taking a stand, people might become better people. People might think twice before driving badly. An employer might treat his staff better or take more responsibility. The fact that you are making a claim means you are taking a stand. The fact you are taking a stand means you might be making the world a better place.

5.      Letting go of the past

Receiving injury compensation can help you move forward with your life. You may be able to move into a more suitable home or car that fits your needs. In addition to that you can close the book and move on with your life. Accepting what has happened and letting the past go can be beneficial in many ways. Switching the focus on what you have as opposed to what you don’t have can be a more positive approach.

Compensation Calculator; – how much is a fair amount?

Compensation Calculators for Injury CompensationCompensation calculator

What is a fair amount of injury compensation to be awarded? It’s a good question and one that is a bit like; ‘how long is a piece of string?’

There are a number of factors which determine a fair award of injury compensation and the main aspects are as follows;

  • How severe your injury is and if you have permanent damage
  • How much you have lost financially
  • Whether or not the injury could have been prevented
  • How the injury will impact the rest of your life financially

If only there was a Compensation Calculator online that could tell you what you may be entitled to under the law. In Australia there are so many different laws under each State and Territory you really need to speak with an accident injury attorney who specialises in the right area of law for example ‘personal injury law in the State of injury’.  One accident injury attorney in one part of Australia who is not based in your State may not be an expert in another. Even if your accident happened to be just over the border from your home the laws that apply.

How accidents

can impact lives

An accident can turn peoples’ lives upside down affecting careers, relationships and everyday life. Compensation offers some support and this can at least help you financially but you may not fully recover from your injuries.

If an injury could have been prevented the exact cause needs identifying. Once the cause has been established, an accident injury attorney lawyer (or injury compensation lawyer) can forecast what you may be awarded if there was a compensation calculator to hand.

A compensation calculator would list losses and expenses both past and future, forecasting an approximate amount. If negligence can be clearly proven and if the injury is permanent it may forecast an amount much higher than if these had not been present. An injury advice line can provide information that may help you become aware of your rights to injury compensation.

Injury compensation aims to place you in the same financial position you were in before the accident. In the cases of permanent injury you may be awarded for pain and suffering as well.

Negligence and compensation calculation can only be indicated following a discussion with an accident injury attorney. The result calculated will be based on all the factors surrounding the injury.

What amount of injury compensation is a fair amount?

What amount is a fair amount? It depends on how an injury has affected a persons’ life, mostly in a financial sense.  An individual may also be awarded for pain and suffering. The severity of injury will have an impact on the amount of injury compensation awarded.

If you are offered injury compensation in the form of a lump sum payment, it is worth speaking with an injury advice line or an accident injury attorneyPRIOR to accepting any award. If you accept without seeking legal advice this may be the end of a claim and the end of any future rights in which to claim. An injury viagra hipertension arterial advice line can assist in this regard and support you in any way they can.